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Azure Window by <b>kerrentyu</b> ( a Panoramio image )
 Xewkija - Isla de Gozo - Malta by <b>Karppanta</b> ( a Panoramio image )
Cactus graffiti near Ggantija Temples by <b>Marilyn Whiteley</b> ( a Panoramio image )
Templo de Ggantija -Neolitico- Edad de Bronce -Patrimonio de la  by <b>AnaMariaOss</b> ( a Panoramio image )
St John the Baptist Church Xewkija by <b>Smudger</b> ( a Panoramio image )
Iglesia y cementerio - Isla de Gozo - Malta by <b>Karppanta</b> ( a Panoramio image )
Cliffside Chapel Mgarr, Gozo by <b>G Kesmev</b> ( a Panoramio image )
Windsurfing at Ramla bay by <b>William Stephens</b> ( a Panoramio image )
desde el templo vista de la Iglesia y de la villa-Isla de Gozo by <b>AnaMariaOss</b> ( a Panoramio image )
Ramla Bay by <b>Marek Koszorek</b> ( a Panoramio image )
Malta`s administrative level 4 region. Checkout this location on the map of geolocated places.
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